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The essential recruitment marketing guide for life sciences

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The recruitment marketing funnel

Marketing teams use a funnel model to track the customer journey from product awareness to purchase. They’re more-or-less complex; but a basic conversion funnel for marketing is Awareness → Interest → Consideration → Action. This framework helps marketers reflect on the kinds of information prospective customers need at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

The same goes for the candidate journey, onto which a similar funnel can be mapped. Of course, the map of your candidate journey will be as complex as you want to make it: awareness, interest, active search, application, interview, hire, etc. The point is to map the journey first so you can strategically plan content and campaigns. When you can recognize and appreciate how candidates feel at each stage of the journey, and what information they’ll need (including what concerns they’ll need assuaged) in order to move on to the next stage, you can craft your messaging around those decision.

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